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By far the best tool for diving I’ve ever used! Can’t wait to order three more for my new divers. 

Peter Tsakonas, professional diver


Aquarium Window Cleaning

Posted by National Aquarium on Jun 19th 2021

This unit has been an absolute boon to us in cleaning the smoother surfaces of our habitats, especially our acrylic window. By attaching Velcro to the Backer Pad attachment, we are able to secure melamine floor pads to clean our window. The unit is light-weight in the water, is very user-friendly, and allow us to clean our windows much faster, making for a much more pleasant experience. Those who work at aquariums with large windows and other smooth surfaces will find that having one or two of these units will significantly enhance their ability to effectively clean their habitats.

At the National Aquarium in Baltimore, acrylic cleaning operations are critical both for our high standard of animal care and the best possible guest experience. We currently use our Remora in our marine mammal exhibit pool. The Remora Solo kit backing pad has been adapted with melamine pads and Velcro to clean our large acrylic windows. A task that would have taken two divers significant time has been significantly reduced. The unit is easy to use, quiet, and small enough to easily transport and store. We will be purchasing a second unit to fully integrate into our exhibit pool acrylic cleanings!



Director of Dive Programs


 Highly recommended for Sea-Speed coatings 

Our thanks for sending a unit for testing.  We have carried out testing of your product on pleasure boats with our SEA-SPEED Non toxic hull foul release coatings.  Tests were carried out on the V 10 X, V 10 X CLEAR and the ULTRA.  All brushes worked very well on varying degrees of fouling.  The hybrid blade with the cutters was tested on one vessel that had 3/8" barnacles.  The unit is easy to use and requires minor effort.   

We will highly recommend it to our customers as an efficient, easy and non abrasive cleaning method.  As you know the SEA-SPEED coating is a Foul Release coating and exceptionally smooth foul release do not polish or ablate; so it is important to use a NON ABRASIVE cleaning technique.  We will gladly recommend it to our customers. 

John R. Bowlin 

Director of product Development 

Seacoat SCT, LLC 


 Lived up to my hopes and exceeded my expectations 

Mason Hill, Keeper, Melbourne Zoo 

      “I was a bit nervous as I had talked them up to my team and invested a bit into these. I have to say that it definitely lived up to my hopes and exceeded my expectations. It was super easy to use, lightweight and I thought it had the perfect amount of power to do the job, any more powerful and it would probably be tricky to control (super quiet too). ” 

 Safer than anything we've used! 

Mason Hill, Keeper, Melbourne Zoo
      “We are also getting some positive attention from an occupational health and safety perspective as they are safer than anything we’ve used as there are no cables involved.” 

  All I can say is thank you!

Mickey Hughston, ICW Diving Services,LLC
“Well, I guess, all I can say is thank you. The machine allowed me to compete a job in nearly half time of what it would normally take. ”

 Super Cool Tool!

Robert Rice - Owner/diver, Dockside Diver
“Used it last month while cleaning a 80’+ Coast Guard Cutter.  It worked great!  Cleaned the entire hull in about 2 hours.  Mostly just soft slime buildup but it worked really well. Thanks for a super cool tool!” 

Awesome Tool!

Rick Bishop - Owner/Diver, Diving and Salvage

      “Awesome tool…just added ten more years in the water to this old body.”

 So Much Fun!

David Laird - Owner/Diver, David Laird Dive Services

      “This thing is so much fun to use, it should have slots to deposit quarters!"”