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At the center of each Remora SOLO is the distinctive, flexible impeller hub and Brush.

The patent-pending hub supplies an ideal, regulated amount of down force to the cleaning brush, allowing it to glide effortlessly across any surface. When combined with the correct cleaning brush and rotation speed, it helps prevent damage to the most delicate surfaces. For faster cleaning brush changes, match an impeller hub to each brush you use. Simply remove the spinner nut, swap the brush/impeller hub assemblies, and you're back to work! 

A series of interchangeable brushes have been engineered exclusively for use with the Remora SOLO, so it can be used effectively on a variety of surfaces. Remora brush designs incorporate bristle materials recommended by the California Professional Divers Association (CPDA) guidelines for in-water boat hull cleaning. Remora brushes won’t catch or damage air hoses or other equipment, making them safe to use while underwater.