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About Brushes



Remora Marine has over 30 different Brush types in 5 different styles. How do you decide which brush is right for you? This quick article will explain what the different types and styles are and when to use them.

Standard Flat                  flat-brush-thumbnail.png

Our standard 1” (25mm) long bristle, 9” (228mm) diameter flat brush is available in Nylon bristles from a #0 (Extra Soft) to a #4 (Extra Coarse) This brush is the workhorse for sail and powerboat hull cleaning as well as large flat or gently curved smooth areas.

Extra Length Flat Brushes  1.5-polypro-thumbnail.jpg

These are standard flat brush with either 1-1/4” (32mm) or 1-1/2” (38mm) trim bristles. Available in both Nylon and Polypro fill in stiffness from #2 (Medium) to #4 (Extra Coarse). Better for getting into irregular surfaces and nooks and crannies but best for larger areas The longer bristles act as a slightly softer brush.

Beveled Brushes          inside-thumbnail.jpgoutside-thumbnail.jpg  

These are our 15O inside and outside bevel brushes. Inside contour has the longest bristles closest to the center; outside has the longest bristles at the edge. 1.5” (38mm) trim at the outside bristles. 9” (228mm) diameter available in Nylon or Polypro bristles from a #2 (Medium) to a #4 (Extra Coarse) These brushes are great for tough-to-clean surfaces with 3D surfaces.

Edge Brushes                edge-brush-thumbnail.jpg

This is a combo 45O and flat brush 1” (25mm) long bristle, 10” (254mm) diameter available in Nylon bristles from a #1 (Soft) to a #3 (Coarse) This brush is the best choice for powerboat cleaning, great for strakes, chines and spray rails and are great for getting into cracks and joints in rock or concrete surfaces.

Hybrid & Specialty  hybrid-thumbnail.jpg

These are our unique Hybrid brushes. They combine 6 flexible nylon scraper blades combined with nylon bristles. 1” (25mm) trim, 9” (228mm) diameter with Nylon bristles in a #2 (Medium) and a #3 (Coarse). This brush is great for stubborn waterline grass as well as small barnacle removal. The scraper blades are replaceable. Comes with 6 extra scrapers.


Our Pad Backer attachment allows you to fit everything from a lambswool or foam pad to abrasive grit papers. Designed for cleaning acrylics or grinding on hard fouling. It is flexible to make it easy on the operator.