Remora Solo



  • Powerful gear motor provides ample torque for even the toughest cleaning jobs
  • Easily interchangeable battery pack runs for up to four hours depending on speed used on one charge for fully cordless operation!
  • Variable speeds put you in control of cleaning power

Remora Solo is safe to use in both salt and fresh water

  • Low voltage (12 volts) makes for safe operation, no plugging into house current. No chance of electrocution for you or nearby swimmers.
  • Remora’s brushes won’t catch or damage air lines or equipment, safe to use with a Hookah air supply system

Screen shot 2015-07-01 at 9.43.01 AMR1 Remora Assembly

Remora Solo is easy to use

  • Remora Solo’s unique ergonomic shape puts you in control of cleaning with less effort and greater comfort
  • Remora is well balanced for use underwater, with nearly neutral buoyancy
  • Remora’s brushes contain a compliant, flexible hub that allows the brush to conform to the hull shape and reduce user fatigue
  • You’ll get more done in less time!

Remora is environmentally friendly

  • Remora’s brush design includes a suction pump that provides a regulated pressure on the hull or surface. You can let the machine do the work and help prevent wear on delicate bottom paints!
  • You can tailor Remora to any type of bottom paint and any level of biological growth. Remora’s regulated pressure, wide variety of scrubbing and scouring media as well as the ability to easily vary the speeds put you in control of cleaning.

Once you Remora, you’ll never go back to hand scrubbing!

Please consult price list for additional product details.