Batteries & Electrical










  • Remora Solo’s battery packs easily plug into the bottom of the unit.
  • The electrical contacts are robust and gold-plated and the contacts are protected by o-ring seals.
  • Each battery pack is smart and has protections for charge, discharge, short-circuit and low voltage cut-off.
  • The battery packs are waterproof when not inserted into the unit.
  • Remora Marine offers several different rechargeable Lithium batteries:
    • 9 Ah – up to 60 minutes of use
    • 15 Ah – up to 90 minutes of use
    • 20 Ah – up to 120 minutes of use











  • The AC powered charger plugs into any household or shore power outlet and will charge the batteries in as little as 1 hour.

Please consult price list for additional product details.