About the founder

Simon_Bio_Snapshot_CroppedSimon Smith has always been obsessed by the sea. Born of British ex-pats, he was steeped in the rich history of seafaring from an early age. He helped his father and uncle build their own boats when he was a child, and that experience sealed his fate as both a sailor and an engineer. He grew up listening to stories of World War II, with its rationing, deprivation, and the threat of German U-boats, and developed a particular fascination with submarines. It seemed unnatural to be able to put a bunch of guys in a tube and sink them, and so began his quest to make waterproof, pressure-resistant vessels. He moved to the Central Coast of California from Los Angeles to take advantage of the nice weather and great sailing. He and a couple of partners founded 32nd Parallel, a company which designed and manufactured radio-controlled model submarines. In 1989 he won a Special Visual Effects Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his fully functional 26-foot replica of the USS Bowfin in the TV series “War and Remembrance”






Simon went on to work at various manufacturing companies, where he honed his skills designing and producing a variety of products including automobiles, motorcycle accessories, and small unmanned aircraft. He even spent four years as a Nuclear Operator, where he was responsible for operation of in-plant equipment and improving worker efficiency at Diablo Canyon Power Plant.

As interesting and critical as that role was, Simon views the process of developing and makings things as the most essential human pursuit. He wasn’t satisfied unless he was actively building something. After buying a 40 foot sailboat he spent 2 years restoring her from stem to stern, in the process learning a lot about boats and systems. That’s when he realized that the process of consumer hull cleaning had not advanced beyond the scrub brush/scraper manual method which sparked an idea. All boats need to be cleaned – why not make it easier? Why not make it fun? With this basic premise, he founded Remora Marine.