Remora Marine


Remora is a revolutionary new waterproof tool developed specifically for the underwater environment.

Unlike land-based designs adapted for use underwater, Remora was designed from the bottom up for the unique challenges of using a power tool underwater.Solo_Studio

Originally developed for professional divers for use in cleaning boat hulls, Remora can be used by the boat owner and professional alike.

Remora’s self contained fully waterproof chassis creates a new class of portable tools.

Remora’s ergonomic design allows you to get closer to the action. With multiple user-friendly ways to hold onto Remora, you’ll get less tired and be more comfortable. When used underwater, Remora’s unique shape helps to provide effortless counter-torque.

Remora’s reversible and powerful motor, combined with variable speeds make boat, pool, tank, and any “wet” work easy.

This multi-use tool will change the way you think about hull maintenance.

  • Designed for hull scrubbing, a variety of interchangeable brush and pad types allow you to adapt Remora to any bottom paint and surface.
  • Remora scrubs difficult organisms and bottom growth with far less effort.
  • Tough stains or algae on your pool? Remora makes it easy.
  • Cleans teak like a charm without sanding.
  • Tough stains or droppings on the deck? Remora makes the job a snap, dump a bucket of water on the deck and go!